Nusa Dua Part 3: Exploring Coastal Wonders and Cultural Gems

As you venture further into the enchanting realm of Nusa Dua, the southern gem of Bali, you’ll uncover more of its diverse attractions, from captivating beaches to culturally rich museums.

1. Pantai Pandawa: Bali’s Hidden Beach Gem

Nestled on the Bukit Peninsula’s southern edge, Pandawa Beach, affectionately known as “Pantai Pandawa,” is a pristine addition to Bali’s array of stunning coastlines. This approximately one-kilometer stretch of coastline lies near Kutuh, just eight kilometers south of Nusa Dua’s ITDC hub. Pantai Pandawa is renowned not only for its fine white sands and crystal-clear waters but also for its unique topography and colossal limestone structures, featuring giant sculptures carved into the cliffs. As you stroll along this beach, the waves gently kissing the shore and the grand sculptures towering above, you’ll feel a sense of awe and wonder.

Location: Regency, Badung; District, South Kuta; Province, Bali; Country, Indonesia

2. Museum Pasifika: A Cultural Extravaganza

When immersing yourself in Bali’s cultural tapestry, a visit to the Museum Pasifika is a must. Founded in 2006 by Moetaryanto P and Philippe Augier, this significant art museum showcases the diverse cultural artifacts of the Asian Pacific. With over 600 artworks by 200 artists from 25 countries, Museum Pasifika offers a rich journey through the artistic expressions of this vast region. From Indonesian maestros like Nyoman Gunarsa to Javanese artist Raden Saleh, the museum presents a wide spectrum of artistry, promoting an understanding and appreciation of the region’s art forms.

Highlights: The museum comprises 11 galleries, each housing a unique collection from different regions. From Indonesian and Italian artists to Indo-European and Pacific Island paintings, every gallery unveils the artistry of a particular corner of the world.

Timing: Open daily from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm

Entry fee: IDR 70,000 for adults, free for children under 10 years

Location: Complex Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) Area Block P, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia

3. Puja Mandala: A Harmony of Faiths

Amidst the diverse religious landscape of Bali stands Puja Mandala, an exquisite testament to the island’s religious tolerance. Situated on Jalan Nusa Dua, this sprawling complex spreads over 2 hectares and represents Indonesia’s multicultural fabric. Puja Mandala is home to five distinct religious structures: the Agung Ibnu Batutah mosque, Pura Jagatnatha Balinese Hindu temple, Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa Catholic Church, and Vihara Buddha Guna. Each edifice is a masterpiece, intricately designed and showcasing the beauty of their respective faiths.

Location: Jalan Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Explore the wonders of Pantai Pandawa, delve into the artistry of Museum Pasifika, and experience the unity of faith at Puja Mandala, as your journey through Nusa Dua continues, revealing the island’s kaleidoscope of natural beauty and cultural richness.