About Us


Manara Management Hospitality is a local brand professional villa management with young and energetic team members who are responsible for every aspect of management.

We strive to provide excellence vacation rentals and holiday home for anyone who chooses Bali as their holiday destination. We have brought thousands of foreign as well as domestic tourists to our villas with the best management and maintenance.

We are confident to transform your vacant holiday home into one of Bali’s finest villas, bungalows, and cozy hostels.


We are in business since 2015 and since then have been hosting tourists from Australia, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philipine, and China.

Our staff of dedicated and compassionate villa hosts and managers know that there is no place like home. We offer various private villas with excellent Balinese hospitality and are delighted to assist visitors during their stays.